Current Specials

New Land Pride FDR2572 72” Grooming Mower Felton 2183537, 2183539

Only 2 left in Tax Free Delaware!

New SGC1572 72” Claw Grapple 2100752, 2100761, 2100797

New Land Pride SGC1572 72” Claw Grapple

New Land Pride AP-SA20 Auger Drive s/n 1145615K


New PFL1242 Pallet forks

Universal Quick Attach Pallet Forks

New Land Pride PFL3048 pallet forks

3k LBS Capacity Rating, 48” Forks

New Land Pride PFL2042

New Land Pride PFL2042, 2K LB Capacity Rating 42” forks

Lewis Bros. PB-1F Poultry House Blower

Blow Out Sales Event

2022 Lewis Bros. SP-1F

Land Pride GS1560-01 60” Grader Scraper Delmar.

Save 300.00 off MSRP!

Land Pride PR1690-02-21-31 3PT Hitch 90” Power Rake

SAVE $3800.00!!!

Land Pride FSP700 Spreader S/N 2000635 Delmar

SAVE $270.00!!!

Land Pride RCR1242-11-31 42” Rotary Cutter Delmar

Good for serial numbers #2069094 & 2069099

Land Pride SPL1060-02 60” Snow Pusher #2023921 Delmar

Save over $200 off MSRP

Land Pride WB15 Weight Box Felton

Capacity up to 800 Lbs.

Land Pride RCR1860 60” Rotary Cutter

Over $600 Off MSRP!!!

Land Pride PFL2042 Pallet Forks 42"

Land Pride PD25 Post Hole Digger

SAVE $400.00

Land Pride AP-SG2572 Grader Scraper

Save $1,200.00

Land Pride BB0554 54" Box Scraper

Sale Price $1,099! Cash

Land Pride FSP700 Spreader

SAVE $300.00!

Land Pride AP-SH35 Skid Steer 3PT Hitch Adapter

SAVE $400.00!

Land Pride BB1566 66” Box Blade

SAVE $150.00

Land Pride BB1260 60” Box Blade

SAVE $200.00!

Land Pride RB0560 60” Rear Blade

Only 2 left in Tax Free Delaware!

Land Pride APS1572 All Purpose Seeder

SAVE $1,800.00 off MSRP!

Land Pride BB2584 84” Box Blade

SAVE $300.00!

Land Pride BB3584 #1987437

Save $600 off MSRP

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